Monday, October 4, 2010

Foto Seksi Artis Catherine Wilson di Film Pengantin Pantai Biru

Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson

Pengantin Pantai Biru - This is the latest Indonesian horror movie starring a beautiful actress Catherine Wilson. Some other artists that are not less sexy, too, supports the film produced by Kanta Indah Film Productions and the Bic. Some artists who also starred in films such as Blue Beach Bride Keith Foo, Uli Auliani, Debby Ayu, Fendi Trihartanto, Yoga Hoebnerj and also Cynthiara Alona who also has starred in movies Raped Satan. It seems that horror movie where there is bed scene Catherine Wilson will be the main attraction for the young people to come to the cinema.

Film Synopsis Pengantin Pantai Biru

The story begins when Ryan (Keith Foo), Naomi (Uli Auliani), Jazzy (Cynthiara Alona), Amelia (Debby Ayu), Gathan (Yoga Hoebnerj) and JoJo (Fendi Trihartanto) visit to a beach located in a remote village. The site is located in the hinterland that is still thick with the feel deserted beach. The villagers were located by the beach was still strongly believe in the existence of mystical things.

The six of them then met with Solikum (Toro Margen) which is the old man guards the inn. Solikum any notice to them to be careful during his stay in the village because there are many magical creatures that roam around the beach Blue. When they were happy at the seaside, Amel accidentally photographing a wedding dress lady figure. Solikum which is a native of the village was mentioned that women who are in a photograph that is dedemit Samber Amelia Lives, but Amel et al do not believe it.

The story also continues with the death of one by one among them, leaving only Ryan, Naomi and Maya. The three of them still do not believe that their friend was murdered by dedemit Samber Solikum Life as they say. This is reinforced by Mayan women who are considered to recognize the figure of the devil. She is the older sister named Emily Maya (Catherine Wilson) who disappeared during their honeymoon with her husband. So, what happened to Emily and her husband? And how is the fate of Ryan, Naomi and Maya next?

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